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"Life is a Journey of Learning and Adapting."

Beth Bianca helps women who are their own worst enemy to confidently control their behavior so they can get where they’ve always wanted to be—without worry, guilt, and self-sabotage.

Once weighing 394 pounds, Beth was severely ill when her doctor Aboutrecommended that she have weight-loss surgery. After decades of trying to lose weight, she needed extra help this time. Beth had to see if the surgery could help save her life.

She quickly discovered that weight-loss surgery was not the “easy way out” that so many people believe it to be. Beth was still plagued by all the same thoughts and feelings she had before her surgery. She was frustrated, discouraged, and ashamed by her old negative patterns.

Beth was fighting the same mental battle she always had.

She would have to rewire her thinking to eradicate her negative behaviors. And, that’s exactly what she did. Beth lost 229 pounds and was given a second chance at life.

Armed with a change in the way she perceived her journey to become healthy again, Beth succeeded where many others have struggled. Now she’s passionate about helping women learn how they can change their mindset and create a new life from the inside out.



Beth’s books concentrate on Mindset changes and transforming your life through positive actions, much as she did herself.




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