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"Life is a Journey of Learning and Adapting."

Make It Easier for Yourself

No one said that life was easy, but one way to overcome obstacles and challenges is to have a positive outlook.

No doubt you’ve told yourself at some point—this week will be different. For example, you might say, this is the week I’m going to exercise seven days. But then it doesn’t happen, and you put it off for another week, and that turns into another month. Meanwhile, your negative attitude becomes worse. That little voice inside starts to act up and you begin to tear yourself down.

Well, it’s time to put a stop to all of that and start taking some action.

While it may be more difficult in the beginning, everything becomes easier the more consistently you do it. Think about your first day at a new job. It’s always a bit overwhelming at first. But, you show up for work every day even though it’s difficult. Then before you realize it, everything has become a natural part of your day. It’s no longer overwhelming.

Whatever you have been putting off is obviously something that you would like to do, but not necessarily something you want to do.

Otherwise, you would already be doing it. Right?

Start by giving yourself a break. Let that little voice inside know that your past is over and you cannot change it. Acknowledge that you dropped the ball on that behavior and make the conscious decision that you will move forward with a clean slate.

Next, give yourself a week of freedom from not even attempting to take action toward that behavior. You read that right. Don’t even worry about the behavior you’ve been putting off. Take a deep breath and feel the peace that comes over you. Let it all go.

By releasing all the negative feelings of guilt and desperation over that behavior, you can begin to refocus on developing something more positive for your life.

What you should focus on this week is finding a pleasurable replacement for the activity that caused you so much grief. It’s time to totally change your perception. Like with our earlier example of exercise, don’t think that you have to go to a gym and workout for an hour. Instead, find something you enjoy like a dance class or a video to use at home. Find what interests you. Just because others go to a gym and workout for an hour doesn’t mean you have to.

You will DO what you find easy and enjoyable. It’s that simple.

After taking your week off and deciding on what you would like to do, create a short affirmation to repeat to yourself throughout the week. For instance, ”I love Zumba classes! It’s fun and makes me feel great.”  Visualize yourself completing that activity with as much detail as possible. This will prime your mind for completing the activity when you’re ready to get started.

Then make your plan to start this great new activity the following week. Start with a couple of days and keep it easy on yourself. Smash that goal and build from there. Set yourself up for success and a new way of life.

Our results come from our consistent behaviors. Make them easier to DO and you will create positive results in your life. 

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